kunst.nrw.nl is a network and cultural co-operation project between Nordrhein-Westfalia and The Netherlands.



"Kunst NRW.NL", was a cultural exchange and co-operation project between the Netherlands and Nordrhein-Westfalia during the months October and November of 1999.

Text from 1999

In the framework of this program a series of cultural and art projects in the field of new media will be realised. These projects have emerged from a unique co-operation between artists, institutions and cultural initiatives from both countries. The co-ordination of this project is carried out by De Balie, centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam, and the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.

This co-operation project underlines the close ties that exist between both countries, and stresses the great importance this co-operation already has today, and which it increasingly will have in the context of the further European integration in the future. Culturally as well as in the field of media and new media, both The Netherlands and Nordrhein-Westfalia in many ways take a leading role in Europe. Especially in these two countries attempts are made to establish a relationship between the new media development as such, and its social and cultural impact, that transcends its economic and technological significance. Both countries, moreover, have a rich cultural tradition and history, as well as a very lively contemporary cultural live that informs this program.



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