La Fura Dels Baus

La Fura Dels Baus is a Spanish cutting edge theatre company.

La Fura Dels Baus



La Fura started, in 1979, as a street theater group acting around Catalonia. Five years later, Accions (Actions) had its debut in Barcelona - and made La Fura famous. Accions showed some of the key elements of La Fura: audience interaction, site-specific adaptation of each show and the use of unusual spaces. In 1985, the piece Suz/O/Suz put La Fura on an international map. From 1990 on, the company searched for a more complex and sophisticated scenic language; and in Noun they embraced technologically advanced scenic resources.

In 1992, La Fura was commissioned to perform at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held in Barcelona: Mediterráneo, mar olímpico made La Fura explore the possibilities of performances designed for a mass audience.
From 1996, La Fura developed various (two to four) projects at the same time under the direction of different members of the group:  some for commercial, others following the La Fura aesthetics and language, here the first opera was staged.

Starting a new millenium, La Fura developed ØBS, based on Macbeth, which explored new technologies, such as 3D images and the preparation of the project via videoconferencing.

In 2001, Fausto 5.0 was the first film created by La Fura - in collaboration with Isidro Ortiz; the film won the Melies Award for best fantastical European film.

The search for new surroundings in which to perform that could be adapted to fit their aesthetic and artistic trajectory lead La Fura dels Baus, in 2004, to acquire an old cargo ship on which to construct the Naumon project. The boat, outfitted as a stage and a hub for performances, offered different scenic possibilities and sparked a series of performances, in different formats, centered around the idea of a journey, of an itinerant scenic setting.

To the day, La Fura remains as one of the most innovative companies in the operatic world: Sonntag aus Licht is premiered and performed in different spaces within the Oper Köln, and has 3D scenes. Quartett, by Luca Francesconi, is a world premiere of Teatro alla Scala, where Susanna Malkki becomes the first woman conducting the Milanese orchestra. Iannis Xenakis' Oresteia is performed in the middle of the street, at the Karlsplatz in Vienna.


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