LATRA is a creative agency specializing in undertaking projects directly at the frontlines of global humanitarian, environmental and societal challenges.

In response to the world’s currently  largest humanitarian crisis, LATRA set up a digital innovation lab in a refugee camp in Lesvos-Greece, with the purpose of co-creating alongside the refugee community, a future which is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. LATRA’s vision is to BUILD THE WORLD BETTER, by empowering marginalized communities across the world to address the adversities they face, and to become not just actors in their lives, but directors of their future. LATRA has been awarded the Intercultural Achievement Recognition Award, the UNCOVER Design Prize and the Be.Creative Challenge, whilst it has received nominations from the European Council of Human Rights, the Global Education Innovation Award, the RO Plastic Prize and ARUP’s Global Research Challenge.  LATRA has produced projects in Greece, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Africa & Qatar.

More: www.latra.gr

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