The Patchingzone is a transdisciplinary laboratory for innovation.

The Patchingzone is a transdisciplinary laboratory where researchers and professionals from different backgrounds create meaningful content. In laboratories the students and researchers work together, supervised by experts, on commissions with creative use of high-tech materials, digital media and/or information technology.

The Patchingzone applies the ‘Processpatching’ approach that is defined by its initiator’s (Anne Nigten) PhD thesis, as it’s main methodology for creative research and development. Research themes include social interaction in public spaces; audience participation in art and cultural applications in (urban) public spaces; or ecological and physical computing; wearable computing that is charged and activated by alternative, environment-friendly energy.

The Patchingzone is assignment driven and delivers products, that are the outcome of commissions by socially engaged organisations, governments and industry. The deliverables and the outcomes of the commissions represent the sum of the involved education programmes and disciplines and the surplus value of their collaborative effort.  During the development process, the gained knowledge will be disseminated and shared in seminars and conferences.


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