Performing Pictures

Is the Stockholm-based artist duo Geska Helena Brečević and Robert Brečević.

Performing Pictures

Geska Helena Brečević + Robert Brečević

Performing Pictures is working in the area of moving images and new technologies for media delivery: In our artistic practice we explore and develop responsive film art from a number of formative limitations in time and space. The ambition is to do simple and straightforward tales that rely on silent action, a dramatic shift in posture, a certain gesture and a relation between one or several characters.

Geska and Robert's works are pictures that perform – but only in the meeting with the viewer. The artists call it responding film, or film that answers when spoken to. The works are made up of filmed micro-narratives. When the viewer reaches a certain distance to the screen or moves in a certain way in front of a projection surface, the narrative is influenced, a movement is liberated. The expression an artwork exists only in the meeting with its viewer is unusually relevant here. It should feel like there is a rally between the artwork and the viewer; that the viewer perfects the work with her presence – becomes a partner.

PP continuously work with artists, cultural practitioners and researchers, as well as with commissioned work for museums nationally and internationally. Key activities include: artistic creation for galleries and public spaces; cultural collaboration on regional, national and international level; production of film especially designed for responsivity/interactivity of different kinds; development and adaptation of soft- and hardware solutions for interactive video; research, teaching and consulting.

PP is carrying out research in collaboration with Stockholm University and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, where Robert is a part time lecturer. Performing Pictures work is widely displayed and appreciated - venues include places such as the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro, The World Exhibition in Shanghai, Grand Palais in Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk, Papalote Museo de Nino and Casa Lamm in Mexico.


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