PLATEAURESIDUE is a young initiative creating visual artistic strategies against passivity towards future landscapes. The initiative is run by Aljaž Celarc, a geographer and artist, and Eva Pavlič Seifert, an art historian and art theorist.

Aljaž Celarc and Eva Pavlič Seifert aim to work within the fields of ecology, art, design and sciences by utilising and transcending specific characteristics from each field in the creation of a new visual product.

The main focus of production that brought Aljaž and Eva together was the visual and ethical fight against the contemporary passivity towards the landscape and society of today. They use their voice within the structures of video, photography and installation art by addressing the ecological and cultural issues of cataclysmic climate changes occurring right at this very moment. Their creative guidelines direct them to produce immersive multimedia installations to re-introduce and re-evaluate experience within (via final artworks) and upon (via exhibition spaces) the natural environment affected by global warming.

More: www.plateauresidue.com/


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