POW Ensemble

POW Ensemble is a contemporary chamber ensemble.

POW Ensemble

POW Ensemble

The POW Ensemble, founded in 2001 by Dutch composer/ saxophonist Luc Houtkamp, is a chamber ensemble of the 21st century, using live electronics and computers as musical instruments. The ensemble has a unique powerful sound and an uncompromising approach. The ensemble is internationally reknown for its approach to present electronic music to the audience in a comprehensive way.

Computer music is often thought of as incomprehensible sounds that nobody can understand, apart from some freaky nerds. POW Ensemble opens up this isolated universe and places it in the centre of the musical world.

Thus, a concert by POW ensemble is something completely different: here, real music is being made!

Electronic or computer music is not another style in itself, but can move between different styles and musical traditions, crossing many boundaries. The musicians use improvisation, live processing, interacting with electronic and acoustic instruments such as voice and saxophone. By writing their own software, a completely unique sound and identity are created.

By connecting computers to interactive networks, not only the musicians but also their instruments react to and interact with each other. This way, POW Ensemble represents a new, unique force in electronic music.


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