Rotterdam Snaar Project

The Rotterdam Snaar Project was Gerard van Dongen, Joe Williamson, Frank van Berkel and Kora Schmeiser.

Rotterdam Snaar Project

photo: Jan Sprij

Kora Schmeiser is a singer from Den Haag performing modern compositions plus she plays all that nice Baroque recorder stuff... also works in theatre with DoeDaDa.

Double basses Joe Williamson finally packed his case and left 'New Dutch Swinging' Amsterdam for the 'musica heterdosa' of Berlin. He has played with Paul Termos, Tobius Delias, Leonid Soybelman, Kletka Red, and the unfundable Exiles band, among others.

Frank van Berkel comes from Rotterdam and does the impro, impro rock thing with for example Han Buhrs and also his own Berkelband.

Gerard van Dongen plays the prepared piano and all the electronics... He is a composer and improviser living in Rotterdam. He does a lot of solo work and plays with the acoustic Kwint and the electro acoustic impro Group Gates. He also writes music for theatre.

source: http://www.jonroseweb.com/f_projects_string_em_up_rott.html


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