Sardegna Teatro

Sardegna Teatro is a theatre organization on Sardegna, Italy.

Sardegna Teatro has been recognised by MiBAC as a Theatre of Relevant Cultural Interest in Sardinia. The Sardegna Teatro project - under the direction of Massimo Mancini - articulates an open model, connected to networks of local operators, national partnerships, international vocation, interdisciplinarity, multidimensional paths, lifelong learning and active community involvement. The venues are the Teatro Massimo in Cagliari and the TEN - Teatro Eliseo in Nuoro; venues in which Sardegna Teatro experiments with community projects, connected to the peculiarities of the territories and to virtuous processes of change and transformation.

The design takes into account the specificities of the territory in which the creative action takes shape: in line with Gilles Clément's reflection, "We must think of the margin as a territory of research on the riches that arise from the encounter with different environments", the insularity is conceived as a space of freedom, an area of experimentation and research in which artistic action is declined in consonance with social contexts. 

This ambition underlies a plurality of actions, aimed both at migrants and those with skills who live on or cross the island, and at coordinating a network of co-designing between festivals in the Cagliari area: 10Nodi - I festival d'autunno a Cagliari, a rich variety of artistic content, including contemporary dance, experimental music, site-specific performances, children's literature and cross-media installations.


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