Schmiede is a producers festival between the arts and entrepreneurship with a strong tendency towards digital media, a playground where our ideas come to play.

Schmiede is based on three principles: Network, Create, Present. Smith is the family and/or community around Schmiede. Schmiede encourages fail fast forward. We believe that in order to experience, refine and improve our model of reality (or work, or personal development) interacting, doing and producing, in the best case together, is of the essence. Therefore we, the Smiths, physically meet for ten days in order to get inspired, network, create, present, exchange, do, fail fast and learn to move forward. For this to happen Schmiede provides a basic and cooperative prototyping environment. The objective is to learn from the process and find collaborators for this or future projects. Schmiede does not teach. Schmiede provides inspiration and possibilities.


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