Snijlab are Christian Waber and Jiskar Schmitz.



Jiskar Schmitz (1986) uses his technical knowledge as mechanical engineer for the creative field. His advanced knowledge of mechatronics and elektronics are one of the pilars Snijlab.

Christian Waber (1983) has experience in Computer Aided Desing trough study and teaching at the TU Delft. He was Inspired by the combination of CNC machinery and their creatieve use. With software and design knowledge on CAD he founded Snijlab together with Jiskar Schmitz to explore the large spectrum of possibilities and potential of lasercutting.

As Snijlab, they focus on digital fabrication and online lasercutting:

"We believe that digital production should be simple, so you can spend time as a designer on the design. Snijlab therefore takes repetitive work off your hands.

Computerized cutting is at present the most interesting technique for small scale useful, usable (end) products. The simplicity of the design in 2D and the availability of powerful and beautiful materials provides a huge potential for anyone. Whether for single pieces or series, prototypes or final products, everything is simple and quick to make.

Designers and manufacturers have to mutually benefit from sharing knowledge. The power of a good product is not only a good designer or a good producer, it comes from a good combination of design, materials and production techniques."


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