Starfish pool

Starfish pool (1993-2003) was an electronic project by Koen Lybaert (BE).

Starfish pool

CD cover 1997

Though other people can play a role as well, especially live, but on studio work they never become involved. It's an electronic project where rhythm will appear in, in all its aspects. Since the very start it is the manipulation of loops - the basic idea of the way tracks were created as Starfish Pool. This concept that has nothing to do with the sound but more with the way that tracks are practically made.

It's Koen's intention to keep his music changing with the years. He doesn't want to repeat himself so he keeps himself open for new ideas and concepts. Making music is more a moment-based thing than a complete concept of how and what. The main thing is that he can stand behind the results. The music isn't made for being popular and famous. He doesn't see himself as a great musician but has a natural passion for making music and hope to continue with a better release than the one before.


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