Swimming Behaviour O.T.H.I.

Alias for German media artist Achim Wollscheid

Swimming Behaviour O.T.H.I.

Swimming Behaviour O.T.H.I. - photo Jan Sprij

Swimming Behaviour Of The Human Infant (S.B.O.T.H.I.) is a stage name of Achim Wollscheid, a German media artist whose work over the past 20 years has been at the forefront of experimental music. He has performed and presented installation projects internationally. His work in sound has led to an interest in the relation between sound, light and architectural space, which he pursues through public, interactive and electronic projects. He is a founding member of SELEKTION, and lives in Frankfurt/Main. 

Swimming Behaviour O.T.H.I. performed with four people at Metabletica, in September 1986.


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