The Haters

The Haters is a solo-project by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen.

The Haters

The Haters; photo(detail): Jan Sprij

The Haters, in some of its performances, will take on the form of a live band.

Started in 1979, The Haters can be as few as 2 and as many as 12 members. The project is a conceptual venue for Jupitter-Larsen's "destroyed music", being the sounds of anything that was literally or conceptually destroyed. "Destroyed music" then is an audio account of "positive destruction" (as opposed to the negative destruction in wars).

"Natural destruction" plays with the idea of nothing ever being lost, just transformed; an eternal cycle of beginnings and ends. "Positive destruction" is a active breaking up of entities into more dynamic pieces to be collaged back together into new forms, where destroying is transforming.

Nothingness, for Jupitter-Larsen, has no restrictions, neither philosophical nor physical. It cannot be manipulated; it can only be experienced: performers might not show, a tattoo might be drawn with an empty needle.

based on the text by Ed Taylor


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