The Ponies

The Ponies is a research and design collective.

Their basic strategy is research through making, with every exploration taking material form. These forms occupy or are brought back to the places under study.

What is returned may not be immediately recognizable to the members of those communities – their work thus gives back what was never possessed in the first place, with research becoming an occasion for generous and eccentric exchange.

The Ponies work at the crossroads of research, design and society. Their projects are realized both in The Netherlands, and internationally, on locations where there is palpable friction between citizens and government. By making installations in public space our work creates a shift in perspective – thus reevaluating complex social issues.

Their oeuvre includes numerous self-initiated projects; often in cooperation with diverse organizations including The Dutch Ministry of the Interior, Amnesty International, Paradiso and a scala of local partners.

Projects from our collective have been published, and exhibited widely, including at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Kwaku festival – and in public spaces all over the globe. The Ponies regularly teach and lecture at art academies and universities.


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