Toxic Chicken

Toxic Chicken is a one-person (not a chicken) band.

Toxic Chicken is a one-person (not a chicken) band (non-toxic) whose work you may have enjoyed on countless album and EP releases, or, if you're very good at counting, on countable album and EP releases. But, as the saying goes, you should never count your chickens until they are hatched; and who knows what plans he is hatching for his live performance on the night? You can be sure of electronic fun, noodles (the may be visible as part of the show OR hidden inside the performer's stomach, but WILL be there), eggsuberance and um, well, that's enough, isn't it?  No? Oh alright...  Well, rumor has it that the man behind the Chicken is Kai Nobuko, who amongst many other musical activities is a veteran of the floppy disk scene, with releases on the Floppy Kick, Wrieuw and SP recordings labels. This rumor is true. He is co-author (with Alex Spalding) of the original reference work on floppy disk releases, 'Floppy Diskette Reviews, Vol. 1', comprising reviews from 2012 - 2015 culled from his online Web site on the Internet, 'Yeah I Know It Sucks'. Cries of "We want Volume 2" should please be restrained during the performance


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