Van Gogh TV

The producers' group Ponton/Van Gogh TV uses mass media technology to engage the user.

Van Gogh TV

Ponton/Van Gogh TV: Piazza virtuale, 1992

Since 1986, Van Gogh TV has continuously proposed visions about how to use mass media technology to approach the viewer (or user) in an artistic way. With various, changing members (Karel Dudesek, Benjamin Heidersberger, Gerard Couty, Mike Hentz) the producers' group Ponton/Van Gogh TV have been utilized radio, television, interactive television, online multi-user systems and specific multimedia techniques for their ideas.

VGTV is responsible for creating significant interactive communication projects for television and Internet. Since 1986, VGTV is a flexible collective, an international association of artists, technicians, programmers and curators. Working between high tech prototypes and off-the-shelf consumer products, VGTV encourages participants to create the content of the works. Known around the world, VGTV has a longstanding association to Austria through the Ministry of Culture for Art, Vienna, and for their commissioned projects at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.

From VGTV's website.

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