We Make Carpets

We Make Carpets is a collective of three Dutch designers/artists.

The Dutch collective We Make Carpets (Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg) has spent the past decade transforming everyday objects and materials into site-specific installations, and has taken the world by storm since its formation in 2009. The trio has exhibited their work at reputable museums from Australia to the United States, in continuous pursuit of new forms and possibilities.

They are guided by a simple belief: that mass-produced objects and materials lose their exceptional beauty due to their sheer quantity and availability and the carelessness with which they are used and thrown away. Even if we take a close look at something like a simple scouring sponge, a chip fork or a clothes peg, it's hard to identify their quality, technical ingenuity and colours. We just wash our dishes, eat our food, and hang up our laundry without a second thought.

More: www.wemakecarpets.nl/

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