WORM is a Rotterdam venue/production space/network organisation for music, film and media old and new.



In an old newspaper building, right next to V2_, WORM houses their Institute for Avantgardistic Recreation, with live events, film nights, and workspaces. Their entrance and interior was designed by 2012 Architects and Atelier van Lieshout with mainly recycled material.

WORM facilitates workshops through moddr, runs an online radio-station with home-made mp3's and short films, runs a shop, and organises events, screenings, concerts and the like.

In its music and sound art programmes, WORM selects according to musicality and raw gutted persuasiveness, choosing for good bad rather than bad good. Transgressing normal segregations within sound, WORMS represents the unruly, the adventurers; those innovating beyond genre.

The circuit that WORM is part of, takes no notice of borders and cultures. WORM is part of a worldwide periphery. Soul mates are spread throughout the whole globe and there's different ways to get in touch. Mostly WORM gets invited somewhere. Once a year they pack all their stuff in a big suitcase and travel to remote locations to have the natives taste a little bit of WORM.culture.


The WORM.shop brings you improvised music, jazz, electronic music in all its forms, eccentric pop and folk, avantgarde rock music, contemporary composers, spoken word and world music. Experimental film, live cinema, cult movies, animation, documentaries. Graphic art, comics, books & magazines related to music, film, sonology, art & media.. some of which are books and CDs from V2_publishing.

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