Aaron Parkhurst

Aaron Parkhurst is a senior lecturer in Medical and Biosocial Anthropology at University College London (UCL).

Aaron Parkhurst has conducted extensive international research on the anthropology of the body, management of chronic illness, and bioethics. He is a researcher with the ERC funded Ethno-ISS project, conducting an ethnography of the human body onboard the International Space Station, and the complex networks of life-science research conducted on the ISS. Dr Parkhurst has worked, re- searched consulted, and published in health, wellbeing, and culture in the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and the USA; with a foci on chronic illness, bioethics, the intersection of technology and the human body, and outer-space studies. He is editor of the Journal of Anthropology and Medicine, and he convenes teaching in ‘Medical Anthropology’, ‘Anthropology of the Body’, ‘Anthropology and Psychiatry’, and ‘Health technologies’ in the department of Anthropology and at the UCL Medical School.

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