Alex Falk

Alex Falk

Alex Falk

Community manager and community catalyst at V2_

Alex moved to the Netherlands in 2007 for a degree in business creativity, innovation and leadership at Kaospilots in Rotterdam.

He found his way to V2_ through his passion for art and its capacity for instigating social change though critical reflection and artistic expression. 

He started volunteering for events at V2_ and shortly thereafter he became part of the production team where he worked closely with artists and makers to help build installations, exhibitions and events. In the fall of 2010, Alex took part in the team of artists on '3rd I', a V2_ project that simultaneously took place at the MK Gallery in Rotterdam and the Dutch Cultural Center during the World Expo in Shanghai. 

Since then Alex has filled a variety of roles in the organization and since 2015 he is the Community Catalyst at V2_. He works to grow and strengthen the V2_Community by supporting the many artists and makers in our network and host low-threshold events. This year Alex is hosting his own program, 'Media Art Meetups' - a crash course in Art & Media Technology, aimed at introducing V2_ and engaging new audiences.

Phone: +31 10 206 7272

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