Alexander R. Galloway

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Alexander R. Galloway

Alexander R. Galloway (US) is an author and programmer.

Alexander R. Galloway is a founding member of the software collective RSG (the Radical Software Group), and created the projects Carnivore, a networked surveillance tool based on the notorious FBI software of the same name (which won a Golden Nica winner in the 2002 Prix Ars Electronica) and Kriegspiel (inspired by Guy Debord's 1978 board game).

Galloway is the author of Protocol: How Control Exists After Decentralization (2004), Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture (2006), and,The Exploit: A Theory of Networks (with Eugene Thacker, 2007). 

Galloways teaches at New York University, and was 2007's honorary resident of Eyebeam, NY.



RSG: http://r-s-g.org/

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