Alexei Shulgin

Alexei Shulgin; photo: electroboutique.com

Alexei Shulgin

Alexei Shulgin (RU) is an artist, curator, theorist, and musician.

Alexei Shulgin founded, in 1988, the "Immediate Photography" group. Between 1994-95, he taught photography and contemporary art at the United Art Workshops. Began his activities on the internet in 1994, as an intersection of photography and new technologies for dissemination, with the creation of the electronic photo gallery "Hot Pictures." He founded Moscow WWWArt Centre in 1995, and thereafter started teaching seminars on the www and internet art. The Easylife site, which hosts the introduction to net art manifesto, and many other projects in and off the internet, was founded by Shulgin in 1997. Since 1998, he also works as a musician with 386 DX, a cyberpunk band which just released a new CD in 2001.

(Biography: 2003)

The Moscow based artist Alexei Shulgin originally worked in the field of photography. Since he founded the Moscow-WWW-Art-Lab in 94 many international connections opened up and he started collaborations with artists in London, Slovenia, Barcelona and other cities. Conferences like N5M II, Amsterdam, DEAF 96 V2_East, Rotterdam and LEAF97, Liverpool enabled him to deepen these collaborations. A series of interesting collaborative group projects were launched, for example Internet Gold Medal Award, the Refresh Loop and CERN, a project where artists create there own focal point for net.art activity. Lately, Shulgin focussed again more on projects of his own, like Form Art realized at the C3 centre for art and technology, Budapest, whereby he used properties of the HTML-Form-Tag for creating a "formalistic" aesthetic art site.

(Biography: 1996)


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