Aljosa Abrahamsberg

Aljoša Abrahamsberg

Aljosa Abrahamsberg

Aljoša Abrahamsberg (SI) is an artist, man with the camera, owner of antenna and art historian interested in contemporary art.

Aljoša Abrahamsberg aka Max Nullo is the co-founder of the musical group Musical Experiment of Film (1983) and has been, together with Marko Peljhan and several other people from the border town of Nova Gorica the co-founder of the CRMK Centre for Youth Culture during the last years of socialism. He has collaborated with Marko Peljhan and Projekt Atol on the majority of his projects since 1992, their latest conversion project being the utilization of a 48Nm range radar array for artistic and psycho artistic work. Nullo and Mx also perform together in live signals interception sessions.

bio: 2004



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