Anab Jain

Anab Jain

Anab Jain

Anab Jain (IN) is the founder & director of Superflux.

Born and educated in India (NID), with an MA in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art, London, Anab is the Founder of Superflux. She has a proven track record and experience in design, strategy and foresight for businesses, think-tanks and research organisations.

Honoured as a TED Fellow, Anab Jain is the recipient of several awards including the Award of Excellence ICSID and UNESCO Digital Arts Award. Her experience and knowledge of design, futurescaping, emerging markets, new technologies and innovation has led her to be invited to speak at conferences such as PICNIC, WCIT2010, LIFT, SIGGRAPH, Global Design Forum, EPIC, Design Engaged and FuturEverything. Her work has been exhibited at MoMA New York, Apple Computers Inc, Mattel Toys, Tate Modern, Science Gallery Dublin, National Museum of China and the London Design Festival.




Sketch-a-Move from Superflux on Vimeo.

Anab Jain and Jon Ardern, Superflux: "the designer as a facilitator of change" on http://vimeo.com/13203411

Anab Jain "Learning to play with Tomorrow" on http://vimeo.com/5536048

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