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Andrew Benjamin

Andrew Benjamin (AU) is a philosopher and architectural theorist.

Andrew Benjamin is Professor of Critical Theory and Philosophical Aesthetics in the Centre for Comparative Literature and Critical Theory, Monash, Melbourne. He was previously Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature at Warwick University, and has been Visiting Professor at Columbia University in New York and Visiting Critic at the Architectural Association in London.

An internationally recognized authority on contemporary French and German critical theory, Benjamin's main research interests are literature and philosophy, architecture and philosophy, and French and German critical theory, specially Adorno and Benjamin, Kristeva and Lyotard.

Benjamin's published, including: Style and Time: Essays on the Politics of Appearance (2006), Disclosing Spaces: On Painting (2004), Philosophy's Literature (2001), Art, Mimesis and the Avant-Garde (1991). He edited, among others, Walter Benjamin and Art (2005), Abstraction (1995), Abjection, Melancholia and Love: the Work of Julia Kristeva (1990), or The Lyotard Reader (1989). The essay Plurality of Actions: Notes on an Ontology of Technique was published in the V2_ aRt&D publication of 2005.



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