Angelika Oei

Angelika Oei; photo: Jan Sprij

Angelika Oei

Angelika Oei (NL) is a choreographer, who has been presenting dance performances and films since the early eighties.

Apart from larger productions like Oidan Skroeba (1987), aliud (1991), Kepler's Kamer (1993), Every Night (1995), Tomi  (1997/99), and Rewind (2000); Oei completed Les Dépôts Lapidaires, a series of performances developed on location and each one produced within two weeks. Since 1993, eleven of these Dépôts have been staged in Rotterdam, Glasgow, Berlin and Montreal.

She also created dance films with Clara van Gool: Courzand (93) and the internationally awarded Bitings and other effects...(95). The collaboration with sculptor R.A. Verouden  started in 1988 resulting in large scale scenography for dance performances and, recently, video-and theater-installations: Tomi (1999) Philomela (2000), Vienna (2001/02).

In her view, the term choreography is applicable to every aspect of the performance: the music, the scenography, the dance as well as the projected movements on film and video. Her investigations into human motivation and movement often arise from motifs and sources of inspiration that are far-removed from dance.


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