Arie Altena

photo: Carina Hesper

Arie Altena

Website editor at V2_

Next to being the website, and also archive editor at V2_ I write
about new media, art, internet-culture, media-theory, literature &c.
for various magazines and publications. I am part of the team that
organizes the Sonic Acts festival: http://www.sonicacts.com.
Occasionally I teach at an arts academy or university. A few times a
year I am invited to give a lecture on subject related to new media,
literature, contemporary art, media theory &c.


New media arts; writing about new media arts; literary theory; media theory; archiving; the interplay between new technologies, art, culture and society; writing technologies; software studies; old skool html.

View: http://ariealt.net

View: http://www.xs4all.nl/~ariealt

View: http://www.v2.nl/publishing/arie-altena

Phone: +31 (0)10 206 7272

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