Arjen Mulder

photo: Carina Hesper

Arjen Mulder

Arjen Mulder (NL) is the author of a number of essay collections and works of art criticism.

Arjen Mulder is the author of a number of essay collections and works of art criticism. Based in Amsterdam, he edited  books and curated events for  V2_ till 2014. He teaches media theory in the Communication Design master’s program at the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design, and serves on the editorial board of the cultural and literary magazine De Gids. With his wife, Maaike Post, he translates nonfiction, theory, and art criticism for a range of publishing houses, periodicals and museums. Themes in his essays vary from biology, anthropology, literature to media theory.

Arjen Mulder studied biology at VU University Amsterdam, graduating cum laude in 1981. He reviewed movies for the Dutch daily newspaper De Waarheid from 1984 to 1987. In 1986, he joined the Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge Bilwet (Adilkno), founded by Bas-Jan van Stam and Geert Lovink, where he coauthored books including Cracking the Movement (1994) and The Media Archive (1998). In the mid-1990s, he began teaching media theory at Dutch higher education institutions, including the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam and the Academie St. Joost voor Kunst en Design in Breda. He has written about media theory and art for a wide range of magazines, including Mediamatic, Archis, Metropolis M and Circa. He has been affiliated with V2_ from 2002 till 2014. There, with Joke Brouwer and others, he has compiled a number of anthologies of essays and interviews on contemporary subjects located at the intersection of art and science, as well as the comprehensive Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph (2008). For V2_ he has also written Book for the Electronic Arts (2000, with Maaike Post); Understanding Media Theory (2004); and From Image to Interaction: Meaning and Agency in the Arts (2011). 


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