Arno Coenen

Arno Coenen

Arno Coenen

Arno Coenen (NL) is a "people's artist".

Arno Coenen, born in 1972 in Deventer Holland, is a 'true' multimedia artist. His computer is his main tool; however multimedia for him means a broad range of contemporary and old-school media forced into a powerful symbiosis. The content of his work does not only reflect on the digital world, but gained in the last years more of a social dimension. Arno's inspiration comes from the outside world, such as from the world of kickboxing, a sport he enjoys and practices himself. A proud "geuzenaam'' (=nickname) however given to him is 'volkskunstenaar', peoples artist. No doubt, his work is colorful.


Coenen studied at the Minerva art academy in Groningen where he first encountered new media. His work can now be found in centres for contemporary art, at electronic art festivals or in clubs. Coenen worked together intensely with Rene Bosma from 1994 until 1999. Besides their performances, often speeded up by the tracks of DJ Dione, the duo produced some remarkable artwork during this period, some depicting contemporary popular imagery executed in old traditional media, like a TV Test Image in stained glass (Footprint 1999), dancing 'gabbers' painted in Delft blue (Update- Folklore & Landscape, 1997) or cyber-babe Lara Croft materialized in a huge mosaic (Output, 1998).



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