Barbara Nordhjem

Barbara Nordhjem is a PhD researcher in the field of visual neuroscience. She has worked at V2_.

[bio from the DEAF2012 blog]

After years of studying psychology amongst freudians and bitter cognitivists, I decided to go on a different kind of mind trip. I emerged myself in video software, flickering lights and strange sounds.

I started the festival Display/Ground for live visuals in Denmark and had the chance to work with an inspiring bunch of people at V2_ in Rotterdam.

My trip then continued deep into the brain. I studied cognitive neuroscience at Leiden University and interned with neuroesthetics pioneer Semir Zeki. Now I am a PhD researcher in the field of visual neuroscience. My main interests are the subjective aspects of visual experiences and how we actively make sense of the world. Currently, I am also collaborating with Pavlov E-lab in a team of artists and scientists exploring the relation between imagination and movement.

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