Bart Visser

Bart Visser [foto © Jan Sprij]

Bart Visser

Bart Visser (NL) is an artist who works with the dialogue of light and sound within space.

After studying telecommunications at the Technische Hogeschool in Rijswijk, Visser switched to the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten at the Conservatory in Den Haag, from where he graduated in 1999 from Image and Sound.

Visser developed, among other things, performances that express the meaning of time and movement. Light, movement, projection and music always play an important role. In his installation work, the importance lies in the dialogue of light and sound with the space in which they stand.

Visser participated as visual artist, composer, dancer and performer in many cooperation projects, with several artists and theatre groups, such as (ZT) Hollandia, Stella The Hague, Dick Raaijmakers, Angelica Oei, Krisztina the Châtel, and Huba the Graaff. As initiator of DAC~ (a collective of interdisciplinary artists), he realised a number of performances/installations that were exhibited internationally.


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