Baschz Leeft

Baschz Leeft

Baschz Leeft

Baschz Leeft (NL) is a multimedial visual artist.

Baschz is a Rotterdam based artist who enjoys exploring different media and cultures by working with and within them. Both analogically and digitally he designs, paints, prints, builds, animates, references and interacts, often with a conceptual sense of humour.

His latest projects include examples like the crowdsourced animated painting Masterpiece 2.0 and Thisplacement, both in collaboration with Selfcontrolfreak, the interactive installation HipHop Karaoke Arcade and the Cratefull Of Baschz mobile music installation with deejay Van Rippendael.

Apart from his personal art Baschz is known as one of the founders and curators of cultural breeding ground and exhibition space SingerSweatShop in Rotterdam, and MAÑANA ArtsBeatsGoodlife, an art-meets-party collaboration with Julstar. He founded the interdisciplinary intervention force Betamaxxx with Crackrock, and amongst others he exhibited and curated for Mu, UrbanArtInfo (Berlin), Artcore (Paris), Tent, Mama, Arti et Amitie, Westergasfabriek, ABC Architectuurcentrum, Villa Nuts, Art Kitchen and Mañana Arts Gallery.


Baschz Leeft and Mañana participated in Test_Lab Goes To Noordkaap on October 30, 2008; Baschz and Buro Duplex are demonstrating the Album ARtwork for La Melodia's 12" Electronic Love during the Test_Lab: Tools for ARt on December 16, 2010.

For the sleeve of La Melodia's latest album Electronic Love, Baschz wanted to give Augmented Reality a try. The design is an empty earthship studio in which the artists magically appear when it's held in front of a webcam. It also features QR codes and a Stickybits barcode, adding yet another layer of interaction and material.

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