Betsy Greer

Betsy Greer

Betsy Greer

Betsy Greer (US) is a craft-activist.

Betsy Greer is a maker and writer who lives just outside of Washington, DC. In 2003, she began writing about the intersection of craft and activism (craftivism), a movement which has grown interest from all over the world. In her 2008 book, Knitting For Good!, she shared the idea that for makers, it's not just the product for others that is beneficial, but that also the process itself is valuable to the maker themselves. Through making and creating, she truly believes that both internal and external change are possible, and that those changes have the power to move the world.



Betsy Greer has been called a lot of things, a crafter, an activist, an unsung hero, the godmother of Craftivism, among other things. After speaking on the same morning in 2011 at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Glenn Adamson noted he had never been asked to speak with a "more perfect foil." While one day she wants to live in a cottage by the seaside, she currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

She got her M.A. in Sociology from Goldsmiths College in London in 2004. Her master's dissertation was on knitting, DIY culture and community development.

In November 2008, her first book, Knitting For Good! was published by Shambhala. The book is a guide to how to use your knitting and creativity to improve your life, the lives of those in your community and the world at large. It's also about life and its surprises.

While currently working full time on issues regarding labor rights, she's been freelancing... A little writing, (including a column for Interweave Crochet and the foreword for Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery, a little volunteering (for Emerge Global), a little editing, a little brainstorming and a little speaking.

She writes about craftivism,* craft, creativity, the positive side of activism, the squirmy chaos of identity, the psychological ick of PTSD (from both a personal diagnosed and a therapeutic perspective), among other things. Sometimes, however, she writes about all those things at once.



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