Bill Seaman

Bill Seaman

Bill Seaman

Bill Seaman (AU/US) is a media artist and researcher working with interactive and generative systems.

Bill Seaman received a PH.D. from CAiiA, the Centre for Advanced Inquiry In The Interactive Arts, University of Wales, Newport, 1999. He holds a Master of Science in Visual Studies degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1985. His work explores text, image and/or sound relationships through technological installation, virtual reality, linear video, computer controlled laserdisc and other computer-based media, photography, and studio based audio compositions. He is self-taught as a composer and musician. His works have been in numerous international festivals and Museum shows where he has been awarded prizes such as the Prix Ars Electronica in Interactive Art (1992 &1995, Linz, Austria) and the International Video Art Prize, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. Seaman is a Professor in the Department of Design | Media Arts, UCLA, where he is exploring issues related to the continuum between physical and virtual/media space. His current research includes the creation of a HYBRID INVENTION GENERATOR, exploring a machinic genetics.


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