Boris Debackere

photo: Carina Hesper

Boris Debackere

Lab Manager at V2_

As a media artist his main interest is the possible integration of different expression forms, with an emphasis on electronic sound and image. Most recent work and research is concentrated on translating and transforming the cinema concept into other forms like Live Cinema performances and audiovisual installations. His work includes ‘vortices’ and ‘probe’ reactive installations dealing with the relationship between the viewer and the screen. He collaborated with Brecht Debackere on the Live Cinema performance ‘Rotor’ (2005), and is currently working on a new performance ‘Vector’. The research project ‘The Cinematic Experience’ (2007), lectures and publication edited with Arie Altena. Sound design for Marnix de Nijs’ installations 'Run Motherfucker Run' (2004), 'Beijing Accelerator' (2006) and 'Exploded Views' (2008). Sound design for herman asselberghs’ films 'a.m./p.m.' (2004), 'Proof of Life' (2005), 'Capsular' (2006), 'Futur Antérieur' (2007) and 'Altogether' (2008). Sound design for Noud Heerkens’ feature film ‘The last conversation’ (2008). 

View: http://www.rotorscoop.net

View: http://www.mydsp.net


Other engagements:

Transmedia, Postgraduate Program in Arts + Media + Design. Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel.

Phone: +31 (0)10 206 7273

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