Bradley Rhodes

Bradley Rhodes; photo: Jan Sprij

Bradley Rhodes

Bradley Rhodes (US) is a research scientist, inventor, and software engineer.

Bradley J. Rhodes has been a research scientist, inventor, software engineer, UI designer, software architect and even dabbled in management. Currently he is working at Google, doing things I can't talk about (at least, not yet).

He completed my Ph.D. at the MIT Media Lab in June 2000, under the supervision of Pattie Maes in the Software Agents research group. His primary research area is Intelligence Augmentation: how to build software and devices that help a person perform mental tasks. In particular, his dissertation was on Just-In-Time Information Retrieval agents, which are software agents that provide potentially useful information based on one's local context. He is also an active researcher in the budding field of wearable computing, and was one of the "cyborgs" in the MIT Wearable Computing Project. 


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