Brendan Cormier

Brendan Cormier (CA/NL) is a writer, editor, and urban designer.

Brendan Cormier (CA/NL) is a writer, editor, and urban designer. He is currently the managing editor of Volume, overseeing the production, content, and editorial of each issue, as well as contributing to the curatorial projects of Archis. He regularly writes for Volume and various publications including Mark, Domus, Azure, Monu, Thresholds, Conditions, and Canadian Architect on architectural and urban issues. He teaches at the Berlage and has taught in the past at Bruce Mau's Institute Without Boundaries in Toronto.  In 2009 he co-founded the research and design studio Department of Unusual Certainties in Toronto, where he designed several exhibition installations that explored urban issues. In 2011 he was named innovator-in-residence at the Design Exchange, Canada's national design museum, where he was able to contribute to and influence the curation of exhibitions and programming of events at the museum.

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