Brian Springer

Brian Springer; photo: Jan Sprij

Brian Springer

Brian Springer (US) is a television director and producer, and new media artist.

Brian Springer is a media artist who works primarily in video, sound and performance.

During residencies he teaches basic video and audio editing as a way to explore the relationships between sound, image, text, and performance. His classroom focus, like his artwork, expands the notion of contemporary literacy to include media arts.

For the video documentary SPIN (1995), Brian Springer spent a year searching for footage grabbing back channel news feeds not intended for public consumption. He deconstructed commercial television in what the NY Times called "a devastating critique of television's profound manipulativeness in the way it packages the news and politics." Springer produced SPIN as a followup to Feed (1992), for which he also provided raw satellite footage. His latest documentary work The Disappointment: Or, The Force of Credulity (2007) challenges the viewer to rethink how histories both large and small are documented, forgotten, and integrated into the larger cultural construction of nationhood.

Springer received an MFA in Art from the University of California Santa Barbara. His work has been shown at the ZKM (Germany), the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), the Whitney Museum (NYC), the Institute for Contemporary Art (London), and the Centre Pompidou (Paris), and has been broadcast nationally in the U.K. and by over 80 PBS affiliates in the US.


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