Calin Segal

Calin Segal is a Romanian multidisciplinary artist and designer.

Calin Segal is a Romanian multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Paris. He studied at the Arts School D. Cuclin in his hometown of Galati and later attended the Ecole Speciale D’architecture in Paris. During his studies he specialized in robotic manufacturing and digital design. Initially planning to become an architect, Calin instead decided to pursue a self-guided path of research into interactive and generative art. He co-founded the In-Dialog collective, a multidisciplinary research and development studio exploring the intersection of art, technology, and design. Calin is actively involved in all aspects of the creative process, from concept to implementation. His skills range from design and craftsmanship to coding and 3D modeling. Despite being at the beginning of his career, Calin has already produced a number of thought-provoking projects, including the interactive pavilion "Digital Mental Transposition," which was created for the Noui Blach Paris 2018 and exhibited at the Park de la Villette. Also he co-created "Path to Heaven," which was presented as part of a residency at the Enric Miralles Foundation in Barcelona 2020. Other notable projects include the VR experience "Planet LEV," created in partnership with the LEV art festival and presented at the LEV - Matadero festival in Madrid in 2021 and was recently the winner of the S+T+Arts Vojext Residency 2023.


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