Carina Hesper

Carina Hesper (NL) is an artist mainly working with photography.

Carina Hesper graduated Cum Laude from the ArtEZ Institute for the Arts in Arnhem where she is currently teaching. She exhibited in many shows including Sangri La open studio's, 2012 (group), The House of Rising, Fashion Crusaders, Amsterdam, 2011 (group), BELJON Rotterdam, 2011 (group), F.A.R.T Rotterdam, 2010 (group), CED Belgium, Brussels, 2010 (solo), La Salle Pavés de Verre, Brussels, 2010 (solo).

Lennart Kalkman on the work of Carina Hesper: "Hesper is fascinated by, or rather struggles with TIME. Her video work TimeCopy shows the contours of a dancer from which time and again the same dancer emerges and joins the dance. As if she releases herself, multiplies herself, showing that there is always yet another option. Time is not copied, not extended - rather the possibilities within time are mapped. In her view, time is never predetermined; it always holds surprises."

Carina Hesper is currently working in Beijing but will soon return to Rotterdam to participate in the Summer Sessions 2012, the summer residence at the V2_Lab.


Photo © Asha Gaalman


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