Carlos H. Betancourth

DEAF96 Symposium: Carlos H. Betancourth; photo: Jan Sprij

Carlos H. Betancourth

Carlos H. Betancourth (US/CO) is an architect, researcher and urban designer.

Carlos Hernan Betancourth (New York) is a Researcher and a PhD Candidate in City Planning at Columbia University, New York. He has worked as an architect, urban designer and as a planner in Colombia, The Netherlands, Spain and in the US. Betancourth is currently doing research that examines how tele-communications and fast transport systems are being used to recombine the urban world in ways which bring the physical and social aspects of cities into continuous and constant interaction with the electronic worlds of tele-communications. This research examines the implications of the virtualization and globalization of economic activity for questions of civic culture, economic, physical space, models of urbanization and architecture, and for sustainability in urban environments.


Carlos H. Betancourth is een onderzoeker in stadsplanning aan de Columbia University, New York. Hij heeft als architect en urban designer gewerkt in Colombia, Nederland, Spanje en Amerika. Publicaties van hem zijn o.a.: The Dutch Model of Urbanization for The Randstad (VINEX), Amsterdam, 1993; Virtuality and Civic Problems in Multicultural Global Cities (1996), German in: Iglhaut ea.: Ansichten von Telepolis, Frankfurt/M.,1996.

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