Cheryl Field

Cheryl Field

Cheryl Field

Cheryl Field (UK) is an artist.

After forays into the realms of Molecular Biology, Parasitology and Management Consultancy, Cheryl Field studied BA (Hons) Sculpture & Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2007. She went on to study for her Master of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, graduating in 2012.

Her first solo exhibition was in 2008 and she has continued to exhibit her work widely. Recent exhibitions include ‘Ten Days in Summer’ at The Queens Park Railway Club, Glasgow. ‘Resident 11’ The Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture, Edinburgh. ‘Submit2Gravity’ at The Old Vic Tunnels, London and ‘Vestiges Park’ at Glasgow International 2010.

At the heart of Cheryl Field’s work is a scrutiny of the role that science plays in creating a secular mythology in contemporary culture. Thieving in equal part from the vernaculars of science fact and science fiction, pre-human histories and post-human futures are made manifest in the objects, videos and installations she creates.

Simultaneously corporeal and discorporate, Field’s works exist in-between materiality: fleshy folds are made from slick plastics and hand-blown glass; plaster casts from life are polished to a perfectly skinless-surface; plucked and nibbled polyester foam monstrosities ooze non-bodily-fluids across the gallery floor; solid walls shimmer and scintillate. Ideas become matter, and matter insinuates its squidgy, shiny and slippery way back into thought.

These things inhabit the margin between the unconscious and conscious mind; where instinct becomes reason and intuition becomes deliberation. It is here that the remnants of our physical histories are at their most vivid. Field’s work draws us into own physical and psychological apparatus as a way to reveal, and revel in, the veiled processes that have formed us. In doing so she pushes us to consider what it means to be human now and what will happen when humans transcend biology and we create something better and brighter than ourselves.


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