Christian Unverzagt

Christian Unverzagt

Christian Unverzagt

Christian Unverzagt (DE) is a writer.

As a writer, Christian Unverzagt works in various fields such as social movements and mass media, mankind and its garbage, art history and aesthetic theory, internal martial arts, and metarealism.

Taking a break from studies in philosophy, ethnology, and art history, Unverzagt was active in the squatter movement in West Berlin, whereby he frequently collaborated with Bilwet in Amsterdam. Later on he spent several years in Asia. On his return he settled down in his home town Heidelberg where he works as an independent writer, painter and teacher of Taijiquan.

Christian Unverzagt holds a Ph.D. from the University of Heidelberg. His dissertation in East Asian Art History was later published as Der Wandlungsleib des Dong Yuan. Die Geschichte eines malerischen Oeuvres (2007). 'Wandlungsleib' alludes to the Buddhist theory of three bodies (Trikaya doctrine) and translates as 'changing or metamorphic body'. The book centers on one of the greatest Chinese painters, Dong Yuan (10th century), examining his shifting images and his consequently shifting oeuvre. The book points out methodical limitations and aporias of modern art history, and outlines an aesthetic approach to the enigma of art behind the quest for authenticity.

An earlier work written with Volker Grassmuck, Das Müll-System. Eine metarealistische Bestandsaufnahme (1991) combines shocking empiric facts and unsettling philosophical reflections about garbage as the flip-side of things once they have been used by mankind.

In 2008, Unverzagt published a science fiction novel Der Kontakt. This deals with a peculiar project for linking bio- and communication technology which eventually confronts the protagonists with the choice of being an alien on the planet or an ally of it.

The upcoming publication, Das verschwiegene Buch Metarealismus (The Discreet Book of Metarealism) deals with an ongoing theme in Unverzagt's work. In his view, metarealism is (by definition) the dimension of and view on the world which cannot be defined, and which changes constantly by being observed. Thus, it concerns the core of being and things – and the contending views of them.

Another of Unverzagt’s current projects is a commented translation of the Taijiquan classics.


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