Christoph  Wachter

Christoph Wachter [foto © Jan Sprij]

Christoph Wachter

Christoph Wachter (DE) is an artist working with taboo issues.

Christoph Wachter was born in Zurich and lives in Berlin.

Wachter’s art seems to reveal a certain experience by approaching the issues of death, violence, sex and patriotism. Wachter contemplates us as viewers, our voyeurism and lust which drives us beyond convention. Thus, enabling us to define our own moral and ethical limitations. By experiencing inconsistency we are motivated to chose a different perspective to look at ourselves releasing a mature self-determination.

Since 2000, Wachter works together with Mathias Jud, such as on the project ZONE*INTERDITE.



Christoph Wachter participated in the Test_Lab: Topology on April 17, 2008.

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