Claudia Oliveira

Claudia Oliveira (PT) is a multimedia designer and new media artist.

Claudia Oliveira is a designer and new media artist from Portugal. She holds an Master’s degree in Digital Arts from Pompeu Fabra University and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from the School of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Her work lies at the intersection of design, art and technology. Working mainly with digital media and on the fringes of those different media, her projects often make use of the limitations of the digital world as an expressive tool, creating work that questions the perception of reality mediated and manipulated by technology. 

Claudia Oliveira has shown her work at several institutions and festivals such as Sónar, Mutek, HeK, Science Gallery Dublin, Elektricity Festival, LOOP and Future Places. Her artworks have been featured in Motherboard (US, FR), L’Obs (FR), El Periódico (ES), The Discovery Channel (CA), Creative Applications and The Creators Project. 

More at: claudia-oliveira.net

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