Cocky Eek

Cocky Eek is a spatial artist/designer.

Cocky Eekis an spatial artist and creates synesthetic experiences in which our inner landscape interferes with the landscape that surrounds us. She likes to immerse her participants in spatial compositions to induce the feeling that you are not moving through space, but where space moves through you. Her work connects with the deeper layers of ourselves and of our surroundings.

Cocky: “To perceive directly that there is no separation between the environment and us is profoundly different from thinking about it.

Cocky Eek is interested in lightweight spatial compositions, floating, flying and flowing experiments, voluminous forms that explore human perception, and synesthetic spatial compositions in relation to the human body. She studied Fashion Design [BA/MA] from 1984- 1989 in the Netherlands, France and Italy and set off with a wearable collection Fashion is Ugly, You have to Change it Every Half Year nominated for the Salon des jeunes stylistes (1994) Hyeres. In collaboration with Maria Blaisse the Kuma Guna dance costumes led to a nomination for the Dutch Design Awards (1997). Since 2001 she has been an active member of FoAM, a network of trans disciplinary labs at the intersection of art, science, nature and everyday life. She co-founded FoAM Amsterdam in 2005 and received Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention 2011 for the urban foraging project Boskoi. Since 2013 Cocky collaborates with the abstract mime theatre group Schweigman& and co-developed the works Blaas, Erf, Curve, Landing Sites and Spectrum allpresented in an national and international context. Besides her artistic practice she is a core teacher at the ArtScience Interfaculty BA/MA of the Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague since 2009. In 2021 she initiated and curates the Field Academy at StrandLAB Almere (NL).


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