Constantijn Smit

Selfportrait with imaginary friend (Apologies to A. Warhol)

Constantijn Smit

Constantijn Smit (NL) is a conceptual artist.

Constantijn Smit is a conceptual artist. That does not mean that his projects have no physical output. Smit's work is not limited to one medium or artistic practice, it ranges from paintings to interactive installations. In his work he is always on a naive quest to uncover the last remaining objective truths in our world. To achieve this goal he researches the tension between meaning and no-meaning and seeks to approach the tipping point between these two. Besides his own artistic practice Constantijn Smit also produces and organizes exhibitions, for example the underground monthly exhibition Dozen Dozen.

Constantijn Smit holds a bachelor degree in Unstable Media and Interaction Design (Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam) and a masters degree in Business Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam).

Constantijn Smit takes part in the Summer Sessions 2012, the summer residence at the V2_Lab.


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