Cor Fuhler

String 'em Up: Cor Fulher; photo: Jan Sprij

Cor Fuhler

Cor Fuhler (NL, 1964-2020) was an audio artist and instrument builder.

CV from early 2000s

Cor Fuhler began playing the piano, organ, and self-made instruments at the age of six and graduated in '89 from the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. He began exploring music in groups such as Carduelis Carduelis and Wayang Detective (a combination of improv, gamelan and shadow puppets). He formed the still active trio Fuhler-Bennink-de Joode and Olympicnic: a theatrical concert about technological extremes: super 8 films, live finger cameras, powerbook, modular synths, shadow play inside the grand piano and turntables.

The Corkestra is his most recent initiative: 3 drummers, lots of keyboards, electronics, el guitar, double bass en 3 winds. ConundrumCd, a mini label, provides an alternative avenue to explore compositional ideas by "computer dubbing" of various musical materials.

His interest in the possibilities of extending the piano sound has led him to collect and build various acoustic instruments (keyolin) as well as working with electronics. Depending on the situation he mixes all these in different installations and set-ups. Other combinations he is or has been active in: -- Palinckx -- Mimeo (with Jerome Noetinger, Keith Rowe, Peter Rehberg, Phil Durrant and many others) -- the Flirts (with Gert-Jan Prins) -- Monitor (with Michael Moore and Tristan Honsinger) -- Delius-Lovens-Fuhler (with Tobias Delius and Paul Lovens) etc. He played at festivals like Konfrontationen (Nickelsdorf), Moers, Vancouver International festival, What is Music festival (Sydney/Melbourne), Angelica (Bologna), Taktlos (Switzerland) and Empty Bottle festival (Chicago) etc.

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