Cynthia Hathaway

Cynthia Hathaway is an design educator, creative consultant and designer.

Cynthia Hathaway (CDN) is an design educator, creative consultant and designer based in The Netherlands. Although known for her various product designs, Hathaway's portfolio includes larger scale designs in which objects are not always stand-alone entities but reflect and support a bigger design. Hathaway's focus includes design research (on location and in the books), concept development and final designs often based on social themes such as community and local industry regeneration, mobility and customization, food and city production and design methodologies for social sustainability.

Many projects of Hathaway are reliant upon and reflective of a co-creative and collaborative relationship with individuals, groups or communities. Because of the social dimension of the projects, the productions of Hathaway are inspirational models to be implemented into the streets and lives of people, and thus a project's success is heavily determined by a dynamic flexing towards the audience with whom it interacts and reflects.


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